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mascha art

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My Name is Mascha, I am a 25 year old artist from Berlin.
I am studying communication design at the University of applied sciences in Potsdam and freelance as a digital arts teacher at the European School of Tattoo and Piercing in Berlin.
My goal is to share my creative vision with the world! There is nothing more unique, yet timeless in this universe, than artistic selfexpression of any kind, which makes me even more passionate to improve myself and my skills every day!

Skill Set

Visual Arts

Painting, drawing, vector graphic, pixel graphic, color theory, composition, mixed media, traditional and digital

Visual Communication

Illustration, corprate design, layout, logo design, charakter design, costume + fashion design, storyboard, typography


Photo editing, retouching, video editing

2D Animation

Frame-by-frame animation, stop motion, vector animation

Visual Conceptualization

Visual interpretation of information, informational graphic

Web Design

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Processing